This quiz will give you a taste of what you’ll learn from Ornithology: Comprehensive Bird Biology. Explore sample questions to see how this course can help you study birds.

Purple-throated Woodstar: Jay W. McGowan/Macaulay Library
White-breasted Nuthatch: Kevin J. McGowan
Anhinga: Kevin J. McGowan
Neotropic Cormorant:John West/Great Backyard Bird Count
American Kestrel: Kevin J. McGowan
Hoatzin: Jay W. McGowan
Scarlet Tanager: Kevin J. McGowan
Malleefowl: Graeme Tonkin
Eurasian Blackcap: Patrick J. Blake/Macaulay Library
Townsend's Warbler : Jay W. McGowan/Macaulay Library
Barred Antshrike: Bill Attwood
Imperial Parrot: Mikko Pyhälä
Red-cockaded Woodpecker: Tresa Moulton/Macaulay Library
Bicknell's Thrush: Michael Schall/Macaulay Library
Kakapo: Stephen Jaquiery
Foraging shorebirds: Alexandra Class Freeman
Long-tailed Manakins: Jane Kim
Flight Animation: Andrew Leach