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Brought to you by the education program at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, Bird Academy is here to inspire you to learn more about birds and biology. Developed as a companion site to our popular All About Birds species guide and the Handbook of Bird Biology, we’re here to take you deeper into the fascinating lives of birds and highlight what they teach us about biology.

Whether you’re a bird lover, an educator, or a student, we’ve got interactive and multimedia-rich resources tailored for a variety of learning styles.

You’ll be treated to new topics as Bird Academy grows. We started with free in-depth interactives including Feathers, Bird Song, Fancy Males, and Bird Anatomy. You can also explore our media library with 100+ videos and articles to help you appreciate birds. We also offer a variety of courses on bird identification and more.

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A team of biologists, educators, illustrators, designers, and web developers working together to create a site that does justice to the fascinating lives of birds.

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Additional Authors

We regularly work with student authors. Thanks to Marie Russell, Lucia You, Annalyse Moskeland, Sarah Newman, Feven Asefaha, Thornton Uhl, Lauren Tabor, Serena Stern, and Helen Tosteson for their contributions to this site.