Bird Academy instructors are united by their love of birds and their passion for helping you learn.

Jay McGowan
Jay McGowan Sound recordist, birder, photographer, videographer
Most Recent Course: How to Record Bird Sounds
Jennifer Fee Expert in Science Education, Co-author of Citizen Science: 15 Lessons That Bring Biology to Life
Kathi Borgmann
Kathi Borgmann, Ph.D. Sound recordist, ornithologist, science communicator
Most Recent Course: How to Record Bird Sounds
Kelly Schaeffer
Kelly Schaeffer Expert in Environmental Education
Kevin McGowan
Kevin McGowan, Ph.D. Professional Ornithologist, World Series of Birding Champion
Lindsay Glasner
Lindsay Glasner Expert in Environmental Education
Most Recent Course: eBird Essentials
Mya Thompson
Mya Thompson, Ph.D. Instructional Designer, Expert in Animal Communication and Behavior
Instructor Nicole Jackson in a red shirt on a boardwalk
Nicole Jackson Expert in Environmental Education
Sarah Wagner
Sarah Wagner, Ph.D. Professional Ornithologist, Expert in Foraging Behavior
Stephen Kress
Stephen W. Kress, Ph.D. Former Vice President for Bird Conservation, National Audubon Society
Melissa Groo with Her Camera
Melissa Groo Wildlife Photographer, Journalist, Conservationist
Bird Academy instructor Liz Clayton Fuller
Liz Clayton Fuller Scientific Illustrator
Ian Davies
Ian Davies Birding Expert, eBird Project Coordinator
Most Recent Course: eBird Essentials

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