Lindsay Glasner
Lindsay Glasner Expert in Environmental Education

As the K-12 outreach coordinator, I lead workshops for educators, manage our ambassador program, design curricula, and create online courses. Drawing from my training in environmental education, my goal is to inspire teachers and their students to tune in to birds and ask their own scientific questions.

I started off in the field of marine sciences at Cornell University when I was an undergraduate. However, I soon realized there weren’t many educational internships in marine science in Ithaca, New York. So I joined the Cornell Lab as a student employee with the K-12 Education team. Soon enough I caught the birding bug and haven’t looked back. Now I’m a full-fledged birder and a passionate spokesperson for citizen science!


B.S., Natural Resources, Cornell University
M.S., Environmental Education and Interpretation, University of Wisconsin, Stevens Point

Spark Moment

My first clear memory of noticing birds was when I was a senior in college and would wake up every spring morning to a single bird singing outside my window. One day I decided to try and figure out what bird. I spent several mornings searching for the bird until I finally discovered that it was an Eastern Towhee singing drink-your-teeeeaaaaa across the street. Since then I’ve loved listening for this bird and others every morning.