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Photo: C. Gibson
Monday Night Seminar Ospreys Across the Pond: A European Osprey Tour

The extraordinary revival in Osprey numbers that we are witnessing here in North America has not been restricted to our shores.  Nearly eliminated from most of Europe half a century ago, Ospreys are staging a remarkable comeback there — from Scotland to Spain and from France to Finland. Follow Osprey expert Alan Poole as he leads us along on a trip through Europe, visiting Osprey researchers and gathering material for his recently published book: Ospreys: The Revival of a Global Raptor.

Archived Events

Photo: Jeff Szuc
The Wall of Birds
Archived Event
A Galaxy of Falcons
Monday Night Seminar 0:58:46
Dark Ecology: Studying Night-time Bird Migration with Radar
Monday Night Seminar 1:17:39
Photo: Kelly Dalling
Where Song Began: The Birds Of Australia
Monday Night Seminar 0:54:05
Songs + Calls
Bird Sounds Decoded
Monday Night Seminar 1:07:31
Photo: John Gould
Evolution Of Darwin’s Finches: Integrating Behavior, Ecology, And Genetics
Monday Night Seminar 1:10:37
Bird ID
A Night At The Museum (Of Vertebrates)
Monday Night Seminar 1:11:02
Photo: David Clode
Primates And Snakes: 75 Million Years of Deadly Dialogue?
Monday Night Seminar 1:14:12
Photo: Justine Lee Hirten
The Project FeederWatch Team Answers Your Questions About Bird Feeding
Monday Night Seminar 0:47:47
Photo: Arthur Singer
Arthur Singer: 50 Years of Wildlife Art
Monday Night Seminar 1:24:21
Photo: Noah Strycker
Bird ID
Birding Without Borders: An Epic World Big Year
Monday Night Seminar 1:10:41
Bird Cams Appreciation Night Presentation and Q&A Session
Monday Night Seminar 1:43:08
Questions About Nesting Birds? Live From A Robin’s Nest, We’ve Got Answers
Monday Night Seminar
Bird IDSongs + Calls
A World of Sound: A Blind Birdwatcher Shares His Story
Monday Night Seminar 1:20:28
Of Islands And Undergrads: Bird Study In The Isles Of Shoals
Monday Night Seminar 1:11:16
Cat Wars: The Devastating Consequences Of A Cuddly Killer
Monday Night Seminar 1:20:10P
Coffee, Communities, And Conservation: How Your Cup Can Make A Difference
Monday Night Seminar 1:03:13
Alone In This Remote Place: The Pioneering Women Biologists of New York’s Raptor Recovery Programs
Monday Night Seminar 1:10:27
Spotlight On Young Bird Researchers
Monday Night Seminar 1:24:48
Photo: Jane Kim
The Marriage Of Art And Science: A One-Of-A-Kind Mural Of Birds
Monday Night Seminar 1:02:37
Photo: Gerrit Vyn
The Living Bird: 100 Years Of Listening To Nature
Monday Night Seminar 1:00:49
BirdReturns: How Big Data and Farmers are Protecting the Pacific Flyway
Monday Night Seminar 1:07:02
Photo: Charlie Harper
To Interpret and Conserve: The Cornell Lab at 100 Years
Monday Night Seminar 1:19:32
Talk to the Artist: An Epic Mural Celebrates The Evolution and Diversity of Birds
Monday Night Seminar 1:00:32
Into the Nest: Intimate Views of the Courting, Parenting, and Family Lives of Familiar Birds
Monday Night Seminar 1:12:53
Project Puffin: The Improbable Quest to Bring a Beloved Seabird Back to Egg Rock
Monday Night Seminar 1:16:56
ConservationFood + Foraging
Uphill Struggles: Cassowaries, Seeds, and Conservation in New Guinea
Monday Night Seminar 1:09:47
In Australia, Superb Lyrebirds Combine Vocal Mimicry With Complex Dance Steps
Monday Night Seminar 1:06:18
Photo: Diane Stinson
Life in an Adelie Penguin Colony—Live From Antarctica