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Yellow-rumped Warbler Photo: Gary Mueller/Project FeederWatch
Webinar Series
Bird IDMigration
Spring Migration: Get Ready for Great Birdwatching Each spring, billions of birds are on the move northward, making for spectacular birdwatching. Join our webinar on April 22 at noon Eastern to discover the fundamentals of spring migration.

Archived Events

Backyard Bird Nest and Egg ID with NestWatch
Webinar Series 1:00:00
Magnificent Riflebird Photo: Paul Maury/Macaulay Library
Songs + Calls
Explore Nature Through Sound and Music: Tropical Islands and Ocean
Webinar Series 1:00:00
Mourning Dove Photo: Ostrodssel
Watch Birds and Share the Joy: How to Participate in the Great Backyard Bird Count
Webinar Series 1:00:00
Food + Foraging
Study Battling Birds in Panama with Bird Cams Lab
Webinar Series 1:00:00
Jane Kim Photo: Kelly Hsaio
A Bird’s-Eye view of the Wall of Birds
Webinar Series 1:00:00
San Cristobal Mockingbird Photo: Jay McGowan/Macaulay Library
Songs + Calls
Macaulay Library Live Q&A
Webinar Series 1:00:00
Ruff Photo: Jay McGowan/Macaulay Library
Bird ID
eBird Live Q&A
Webinar Series 1:00:00
Spotted owl Photo: Adam Jackson/Macaulay Library
Songs + Calls
Exploring Nature Through Sound and Music
Webinar Series 1:00:00
Get Out and Count for eBird’s October Big Day
Webinar Series 0:33:00
Brant Photo: Gerrit Vyn
Media that Matters: Natural History Filmmaking that Makes a Difference
Webinar Series 1:01:15
Long-Billed Curlew Photo: Nick Dorian/Macaulay Library
Coastal Solutions: Building a Bold New Community to Address the Shorebird Crisis
Webinar Series 1:03:00
Barn Swallow Map Photo: Ryan Sanderson/Macaulay Library
Mapping Migration with eBird
Webinar Series 35:20
Lights Out – Night Sky Photo: Joshua Stevens
Lights Out to Protect Migratory Birds
Webinar Series 30:00
map of the united states Photo: Adriaan Dokter
BirdCast: Learn When and Where Birds Migrate
Webinar Series 1:00:34
Merlin (Taiga) Photo: Brian Sullivan/Macaulay Library
Bird ID
Merlin Bird ID: Tips, Tricks, and Updates
Webinar Series 1:04:52
Eastern Meadowlark Photo: Doug Beach/Macaulay Library
Bird IDConservation
Uncover Historical Data with Nest Quest Go!
Webinar Series 1:03:16
Song Sparrow singing Photo: Drew Weber/Macaulay Library
Songs + Calls
What's that bird song? ID birds by sound with BirdNet
Webinar Series 1:01:27
Chickadee eggs in nest Photo: Leo Sack
Nest Talk With Nestwatch
Webinar Series 1:08:03
3 Billion Birds Gone: The Bird Crisis and What We Can Do About It
Seminar Series
Can Drones Help Our Bird Populations?
Seminar Series 1:00:32
Dark-eyed Junco Photo: Jason Vassallo/Macaulay Library
Journey of the Juncos: Migration and Adaptation in Our Changing World 
Archived Event
Ospreys at the nest Photo: C. Gibson
Ospreys Across the Pond: A European Osprey Tour
Seminar Series
Jane Kim painting the Wall of Birds mural Photo: Jeff Szuc
The Wall of Birds
Archived Event
Amur Falcons
A Galaxy of Falcons
Seminar Series 0:58:46
Bird with Radar Antenna
Dark Ecology: Studying Night-time Bird Migration with Radar
Seminar Series 1:17:39
Photo: Kelly Dalling
Where Song Began: The Birds Of Australia
Seminar Series 0:54:05
REd-winged Blackbirds alarm calling
Songs + Calls
Bird Sounds Decoded
Seminar Series 1:07:31
Photo: John Gould
Evolution Of Darwin’s Finches: Integrating Behavior, Ecology, And Genetics
Seminar Series 1:10:37
Bird ID
A Night At The Museum (Of Vertebrates)
Seminar Series 1:11:02
Photo: David Clode
Primates And Snakes: 75 Million Years of Deadly Dialogue?
Seminar Series 1:14:12
North American Feeder Bird Illustration Photo: Justine Lee Hirten
The Project FeederWatch Team Answers Your Questions About Bird Feeding
Seminar Series 0:47:47
Photo: Arthur Singer
Arthur Singer: 50 Years of Wildlife Art
Seminar Series 1:24:21
Noah Strycker with stack of field guides Photo: Noah Strycker
Bird ID
Birding Without Borders: An Epic World Big Year
Seminar Series 1:10:41
Collage of Bird Cams photos
Bird Cams Appreciation Night Presentation and Q&A Session
Seminar Series 1:43:08
American Robin at nest with nestlings
Questions About Nesting Birds? Live From A Robin’s Nest, We’ve Got Answers
Seminar Series
Juan Pablo Culasso in Antarctica
Bird IDSongs + Calls
A World of Sound: A Blind Birdwatcher Shares His Story
Seminar Series 1:20:28
Great Black-backed Gull stealing neighbor egg
Of Islands And Undergrads: Bird Study In The Isles Of Shoals
Seminar Series 1:11:16
Cat with bird
Cat Wars: The Devastating Consequences Of A Cuddly Killer
Seminar Series 1:20:10
Collage of coffee shop signs
Coffee, Communities, And Conservation: How Your Cup Can Make A Difference
Seminar Series 1:03:13
Frances Hamerstrom with Golden Eagle
Alone In This Remote Place: The Pioneering Women Biologists of New York’s Raptor Recovery Programs
Seminar Series 1:10:27
Common Yellowthroat male
Spotlight On Young Bird Researchers
Seminar Series 1:24:48
Kakapo painting Photo: Jane Kim
The Marriage Of Art And Science: A One-Of-A-Kind Mural Of Birds
Seminar Series 1:02:37
Dunlin and Pacific flyway map
BirdReturns: How Big Data and Farmers are Protecting the Pacific Flyway
Seminar Series 1:07:02
We're for the Birds poster by Charlie Harper Photo: Charlie Harper
To Interpret and Conserve: The Cornell Lab at 100 Years
Seminar Series 1:19:32
Jane Kim Painting Yutyrranus
Talk to the Artist: An Epic Mural Celebrates The Evolution and Diversity of Birds
Seminar Series 1:00:32
Cover of Into the Nest by Laura Erickson and Marie Read and
Into the Nest: Intimate Views of the Courting, Parenting, and Family Lives of Familiar Birds
Seminar Series 1:12:53
Project Puffin book cover
Project Puffin: The Improbable Quest to Bring a Beloved Seabird Back to Egg Rock
Seminar Series 1:16:56
Southern Cassowary
ConservationFood + Foraging
Uphill Struggles: Cassowaries, Seeds, and Conservation in New Guinea
Seminar Series 1:09:47
Adelie Penguin Photo: Diane Stinson/Macaulay Library
Life in an Adelie Penguin Colony—Live From Antarctica