Ken Rosenberg
Dr. Ken Rosenberg Applied Conservation Scientist, Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Ken Rosenberg works at the interface between research, conservation planning, and environmental policy, in a joint position at the Cornell Lab and American Bird Conservancy. His primary role is to synthesize and interpret research on the status and distribution of bird populations, and to engage with wildlife managers and policy-makers to ensure that conservation decisions are based on the best available science.

Ken represents the Cornell Lab on the North American Bird Conservation Initiative (NABCI) U.S. Committee and is the lead scientist on NABCI’s annual State of the Birds… Read full bio

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According to research published online in September by the journal Science, wild bird populations in the continental U.S. and Canada have declined by almost 30% since 1970. The study quantifies for the first time the total decline in bird populations in the continental U.S. and Canada, a loss of 2.9 billion breeding adult birds—with devastating losses among birds in every biome. Join Ken Rosenberg, who leads joint research initiatives by the Cornell Lab and American Bird Conservancy, to learn why these study results transcend the world of birds. More information can be found at and bringbirdsback.