Alan Poole with an Osprey
Dr. Alan Poole Retired Editor: Birds of North America, Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Alan Poole, an Associate of the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, was editor of the Birds of North America life… Read full bio

The extraordinary revival in Osprey numbers that we are witnessing here in North America has not been restricted to our shores. Nearly eliminated from most of Europe half a century ago, Ospreys are staging a remarkable comeback there as well–from Scotland to Spain and from France to Finland. Follow local Osprey expert Alan Poole as he leads us along on a 3 week summer trip through Europe, visiting Osprey researchers and gathering material for his recently published book: Ospreys: The Revival of a Global Raptor. Part travelogue, part natural history–this beautifully illustrated lecture will give us glimpses of Europe through an Osprey lens. Come celebrate the revival of a global raptor!

Book cover Ospreys: The Revival of a Global Raptor