Bird feeding makes me feel fantastic! Well, watching birds at my feeder in the morning is zen. Watching birds at your feeder is like free T.V. Cut the cable! Well my favorite feeder bird is a titmouse. I like the Black-capped Chickadee. The little Red-breasted Nuthatch, it’s kind of the squeaky toy of birds, I think. The Carolina Wren is a close second. I like the Blue Jay because blue is my favorite color. The first bird feeder I ever hung up was probably an orange feeder! Okay, I’ve tried a lot of feeders that have failed. And I really wanted a Baltimore Oriole, and I never got my Baltimore Oriole. I…I kinda went down the rabbit hole. And then I was hooked, and then I got a platform feeder, and then I got a suet feeder, and then I got a hummingbird feeder. But I got a Gray Catbird, and I don’t know if the bird knows it but we’re probably best friends now. My grandmother has a bird feeder, and I have a bird feeder, and we don’t live close to each other. And wouldn’t you know our bird feeders rank very highly on our list of conversations. Feeding birds makes me feel happy! Actually getting to see birds up close, that causes pure joy in my family! We run to the windows, we point at it and we say, “Look there’s a goldfinch, look there’s a goldfinch!” When birds come…they bring love to the world, basically.

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Why We Made This Course

"We know you love your feeder birds and look forward to attracting those surprise visitors. We also know that some backyard species are hard to tell apart at first glance. But learning who’s who is a real confidence boost and marks the first step toward uncovering the fascinating dramas that unfold at your feeders. This course is all about being more in touch with the birds that come to your feeders and getting more joy out of their visits."

Sarah Wagner—Sarah Wagner, Ph.D., Course Instructor
A Pileated Woodpecker eating a winter snack of some homemade suet.
Image: Donald Kantola
Pileated Woodpecker at a suet feeder

What's Inside

Becoming good at ID, getting a handle on what each bird eats and why, and learning to recognize bird body language will enrich your bird-feeding experience. With this course, prepare to greet your feeder birds by name and get the tools you need to unlock the secrets of their social behavior—with 30+ SnapIDs, 30+ instructional videos, and quizzes with each lesson.

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Bird Academy has developed a unique approach to learning bird identification. The SnapID tool helps you practice identifying birds in all different postures and lighting conditions and builds your confidence through winning streaks.

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Get quick access to the basics about each of the bird species you are likely to see at your feeder: their keys to identification, stand-out behaviors, and favorite foods at feeders. Use it as a reference tool as you go.

Practice Feeder Bird Identification

Start by learning the names of key field marks on a bird’s body, then practice feeder bird identification with a series of Snap ID activities—from woodpeckers with red on their bodies to little brown birds.


Learn Who Eats What (and Why!)

Understand feeder bird foraging techniques and how they relate to what the birds do in the wild—from grab-and-go seed eaters to suet eaters and nectar specialists.

Understand Feeder Bird Body Language

Learn about bird body postures you’re likely to see on display at your feeders. A bird’s crest, tail, and wings can all be used in concert with its body position and eye gaze to send signals to other birds about its intentions.

Uncover Feeder Bird Social Behavior

Practice using bird body language to understand the social dynamics at your feeder. Explore examples of dominance, submission, defense, and peaceful flock behaviors.

Get the Most From Your Bird Feeding

Once you’ve practiced tricky IDs and learned how to interpret bird behavior, you’re ready to watch your feeders with a fresh perspective. Get some tips for putting your new skills to work.

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I am recently retired and have found this one of my best new projects so far! It also makes my daily walks in a nearby park more interesting as I notice the birds more and try to identify them. It makes me appreciate birds and nature even more! Thank you!" Bird Academy Student
It is a fun online course. It kept me interested the entire time. I do plan on reviewing the material regularly as it will keep me on my toes for identifying birds. Thanks" Bird Academy Student
The Snap ID tool was a great way for me to start learning how to distinguish similar-looking species! I also really liked the bird interaction information." Bird Academy Student
I liked learning about the social behaviors. Also very helpful was the snap ID where you see birds at different angles." Bird Academy Student
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