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      General Guidelines

      Bird Academy discussions are community driven. They are a place to share, to ask questions, and to help one another. Please be courteous and respectful. Our staff will respond occasionally, but may not read every post. If you have a customer service question or are having technical difficulties, please contact customer service directly so we can be certain to help you.

      Discussion Rules

      1. Be respectful. Help make Bird Academy a safe and friendly place to learn. Do not insult, harass, threaten, or intentionally offend others. Profanity and other adult content are forbidden.
      2. Be thoughtful and relevant. Make sure what you are posting is relevant to the discussion and topic in which you are posting it. Do not post spam or other low-effort content, self-promotion, or unsolicited advertising.
      3. Be constructive. If you find that your opinion differs from someone else's, try to understand their point of view better and find common ground instead of attacking them. In general, avoid material of a political or religious nature.
      4. Be careful and accurate when sharing knowledge. Only post information you believe to be correct. Do not post intentionally misleading or incorrect information.
      5. Be original. Only post content that you created yourself. This includes both text and images. Do not, for example, post images you found on Google or Facebook.

      What if the rules get broken?

      Bird Academy reserves the right to take any moderation action we deem necessary, for any reason whatsoever. This may include removing or modifying content that breaks the rules, or potentially blocking a user from further participation.

      A Guided Tour

      User Profiles

      Each user has a display name and a profile photo. You can edit your own display name and profile photo from the Edit Profile page. Chirps are calculated based on each user's participation in discussions–1 point for replying to someone, 5 points for starting a new topic. Course badges indicate which courses each user is enrolled in. Badges in color represent completed courses, while those in black and white represent in-progress courses. Moderator posts and replies are marked with a green border and have the label Bird Academy underneath the user name.

      Posting images

      To post images in a discussion, click on the "Insert Image" button located in the top left of the reply text editor, and then select an image from your computer or your phone. Again, only post images that are your own, not images you've found on the internet.

      Course-specific Discussions

      Some discussions are associated with specific courses, and only students enrolled in those associated courses are allowed to post in them. Discussions that you may not post in for this reason will be marked with a yellow border on the Discussion Groups page. You are always free to read posts in a discussion, even if you cannot post there yourself.    
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