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    • Nancy
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      This little bird  - my first Phoebe! - has built a nest on a ledge above my window on my covered porch.  I'm fine that that and I'm looking forward to watching her raise her young.  She's finally sitting on the nest as of this evening.  My concern is her nest is less that two feet from the porch light.  We typically keep this light on all night for security reasons, as it's switch also controls the motion-sensing light in my driveway.  I would prefer to keep the lights on as our town has been having an issue with car break-ins, but I don't want to interfere with the bird's nesting. Short of removing the bulbs in the porch light, does anyone have any advice?  Will sleeping next to a light all night long harm her in any way or interfere with her raising her young?  Thanks in advance!
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    • GBird
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      the only phoebe  nest i have ever found was on top of a light so i would say they will be fine :).
    • john
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      we've had phoebes above our back door for years and they seem to be very happy, returning each year.  I would guess that they will figure out if they are comfortable with the light and be fine
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