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    • mary
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      I just took the Photographing Birds course and found it very helpful.  I think I rely on the same settings all of the time for fear it might mean I miss a shot, but I think it will help me to improve. Double-crested Cormorant ED67C65B-42C3-45EE-B0D1-9860614D558E_1_201_a   Osprey3B00B1FB-B85C-4283-A334-3BFD2119FB61_1_201_a   Loon5D29C559-94DF-4B1A-B03E-A9CCE13FF4CE_1_201_a GBH 5084B3CA-2540-47A1-BD98-76A18D7B8526_1_201_a Tern?  I know it's an odd shot but I sort of love it 166599F5-CF32-4A21-95EA-06E117A79F46_1_201_a
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    • ILMP
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      what camera did you use? they are very good photos!