• Souksamlan
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      Photography is all about understanding the light, shape, movement, and subject of what you photograph
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    • Dargan
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      I think it is a fun challenge to photograph a bird flying. It also takes all of those, though you need to have the right shutter speed and position to get a good photo. Below is the results of not getting the right shutter speed. It is a Red Breasted Nuthatch.IMG_7326
    • david
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      Don't forget color! And apart from the visual aesthetics, there is also mood, setting, and story telling. I only took up photography 1 year ago, and my, what a pursuit it is. Endless..DSC_0721
    • Emily
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      That is correct! However- Does it matter if other people understand?
    • Lunga
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      The background tooIMG_1904.jpg-1