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    • sarah
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      Hi, Are there any other hawk besides RTH that makes their signature hawk scream. I live in Georgia and know there are 6 main types….I’ve only seen it up close 10 feet away eye level once. Isee them all the time flying low 20 feet to super high circling and screaming and only screaming recently (guessing bc it’s nesting/fledge time) trying to identify between 3 possible, rth, coopers, or broad winged. The one up close did not scream, it quietly landed on branch and when noticed me flew off. It didn’t have the signature tail, it appeared to have horizontal stripes, but watching the hawk cam with big red’s k’s I’m to understand the juveniles tail doesn’t turn into it’s older. thanks….looking forward to raptor class, but excited to find out and google search couldn’t seem to answer😀
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    • Alex
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      Could it be a red shouldered hawk? I'm in Florida and see them fairly often. They are pretty noisy too! They also have horizontal stripes on their chests, wings, and tails. I'm taking the raptor class right now and really enjoying it! 😃