Ellen Ketterson
Dr. Ellen Ketterson Distinguished Professor of Biology, Indiana University Bloomington

Ellen Ketterson received her Ph.D. from Indiana University-Bloomington and joined the faculty at Indiana in 1984. She is founding director of the Environmental Resilience Institute and also affiliated with the Center for the Integrative Study of Animal Behavior, the Neuroscience Program, the Cognitive Science Program, and the Kinsey Institute. She studies the evolution and ecology of behavior and physiology in a songbird species, the Dark-eyed Junco, is currently engaged in research on animal migration and urban ecology.

When animal populations are impacted by human-caused changes, they are forced to move to new places, modify how they behave, or face extinction. Dr. Ellen D. Ketterson, professor of biology at Indiana University Bloomington, addresses our need as invested citizens to understand animal migration and seasonality in relation to biodiversity. Ketterson will examine the very real implications of our changing world through the lens of the dark-eyed junco, a model bird species commonly known as the snowbird. Focusing on the causes and consequences of environmental change helps equip humans to predict future responses and champion the biodiversity that makes our planet so amazing.