[8 YEARS, 39 SPECIES, 2 EXPLORERS] [Music plays] [Bed covered with supplies. Ed and Tim pack supplies into bags. A row of bags sits next to the bed. Tim lays on the bed.] [BIRDS-OF-PARADISE PROJECT, BY THE NUMBERS] [Air Niugini plane taxiing on a runway.] [Sun and clouds in the sky.] [200 COMMERCIAL FLIGHTS] [Clear, shallow water with several sandy islands covered in green plants. A boat is visible.] [Ed sits on a moving boat, looking into binoculars, then puts them down and looks around.] [58 BOAT TRIPS] [View from the front of the boat into the water, with land visible in the distance.] [2 TIMES ADRIFT AT SEA] [Tim gears up with goggles and a cap in front of a small bush plane.] [View from the front of a small plane over water.] [33 BUSH PLANE/HELICOPTER FLIGHTS] [View of the plane flying over the water, then the view from the plane again. Tim takes a photo from the plane.] [18 EXPEDITIONS] [View of forested mountains. Photo of a helicopter. Photo of guides crossing a bridge made of logs, then Ed crossing a log bridge.] [A truck drives on a dirt road, over an area reenforced by logs.] [51 FIELD SITES] [Multiple vehicles, including a motorcycle with equipment on the back, drive through a river.] [Tim and Ed walk through a forest.] [5 DAYS TO REACH SURGERY WITH A BURST APPENDIX] [Simple buildings in a forest.] [A local man builds a blind in the forest.] [109 BLINDS BUILT] [Tim eats a meal while sitting in a tree with his camera.] [2,006 HOURS SPENT IN BLINDS] [Tim walks through the forest with his camera and tripod.] [Ed sits in a blind looking through binoculars.] [80 HOURS SPENT IN A BLIND TO FILM A RIFLEBIRD DISPLAY] [Photos of riflebird displaying.] [90 SECONDS OF RIFLEBIRD DISPLAY OBSERVED] [Tim swings through the forest.] [50 METERS – HIGHEST CANOPY BLIND] [Ed walks through the forest.] [544 DAYS IN THE FIELD] [Tim lowers himself down on a rope in the forest.] [146 TREE CLIMBS] [Photos of various birds-of-paradise.] [39,568 PHOTOGRAPHS] [Ed and Tim walk through the forest while various birds call.]

End of transcript

What does it take to complete a quest like the Birds-of-Paradise Project? Inside the project’s 18 expeditions and eight years lie plenty of other numbers that help add some perspective, awe, and even humor to Ed Scholes’s and Tim Laman’s undertaking. Explore more at www.birdsofparadiseproject.org