The Cornell Lab Bird Academy Discussion Groups Bird Identification Any chance least flycatcher would be visiting my central VA suet feeder in Dec?

    • anne
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      I have become a nascent birdwatcher during the pandemic. at my backyard suet feeder in Central Virginia I have one bird that visits occasionally that I am having trouble identifying- my best guess is least flycatcher but not sure he should be here this time of year.  Smaller than a sparrow but I think not as small as chickadee, distinct white eye-ring, two white bars on wings, and from back his black wings with white bar touch each other to make distinct V below grey back.  Flutters some I think as he lands on feeder.  Advice appreciated!
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    • Sandra
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      Check out American Goldfinches in non-breeding plumage. They don't really have a white eye-ring, but they do have a pale area around the face. They love feeders, and the wingbars and black wings making a V on their back sounds goldfinchy. They don't really have gray backs, but since you thought it might be a Least Flycatcher (unlikely since these guys are insectivores), I'm assuming there is some yellow and green tones. Goldfinches are common visitors to feeders.