eBird, eBird eBird, eBird, eBird changed everything about how I do birding.

I tell people it’s this online database a repository for bird sightings from around the world.

It’s all free and open access.

I like the fact that I can have all the birds from our different travels in one place.

It allowed me to have my life list.

And it’s just an amazing thing not just for bird nerds like myself but anybody.

Anyone can use eBird.

Everyone is capable.

I like to contribute to science.

It’ll give us better insights about our own birds in our own backyard.

Anybody can contribute and it has value.

So for me it’s perfect.

Just go for it. [upbeat music]End of transcript

Birder, bird watcher, bird lover, doesn’t matter—this course is for you. Whether you watch birds at your feeder, on the way to work, or travel miles for that one bird you can’t wait to see, eBird can help. Discover how eBird can enhance your passion for birds and how your participation is helping us better understand them.

This free course guides you through how to get the most out of your eBirding experiences and invites you to become a part of this worldwide project.

Sandhill Cranes
Sandhill Cranes by Ian Davies/Macaulay Library

Your How-To Guide

Explore how eBird can help spark new birding adventures.

  • Discover tools that help you find birds wherever you go
  • Gain confidence submitting your sightings
  • Get expert tips for using eBird and joining the community

What is eBird?

Cerulean WarblereBird is the largest biological citizen-science program in the world. The eBird community gathers more than 100 million bird sightings each year from people like you. Providing a powerful tool for motivated bird enthusiasts everywhere, eBird helps you find more birds and keep track of your sightings. Collectively, these sightings are now empowering a global scientific community and helping answer pressing conservation questions.

Cerulean Warbler by Andrew Simon/Macaulay Library

Course Overview

Lesson 1: What is eBird?

Discover how eBird can help jump-start your birding and how your sightings contribute to science and conservation on a global level.

Lesson 2: Find Birds Near You

Learn how to use eBird to find birds and birding locations.

Lesson 3: Share Your Sightings

Use this step-by-step guide to contribute your sightings to eBird.

Lesson 4: My eBird

Explore your own birding story: your lists, photos, custom alerts for target species, and much more.

Lesson 5: Ready to eBird

Take the Ready to eBird quiz and get inspired to spot more birds.

Meet the Course Authors

Lindsay Glasner

Lindsay Glasner

Lindsay is the Outreach Coordinator with the Cornell Lab’s K-12 Education program where she leads workshops, manages the ambassador program, designs curricula, and creates online courses. Drawing from her graduate-level training in environmental education, Lindsay inspires teachers and their students to tune in to birds and ask their own scientific questions. Lindsay caught the birding bug while working at the Cornell Lab and is now a full-fledged birder and a passionate spokesperson for citizen science. Lindsay’s eBird profile

Ian Davies

Ian Davies

Ian is the eBird Project Coordinator at the Cornell Lab where he leads outreach and engagement efforts, and helps coordinate day-to-day project management. His interest in birds started when he was 12 and has taken him to more than 40 countries in the pursuit of the amazing natural treasures that this world has to offer—particularly shorebirds! One of Ian’s passions is sharing the wonder of birds with the wider world through photography, writing, and working at the Cornell Lab. Ian’s eBird profile

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