The Cornell Lab Bird Academy Discussion Groups Bird Identification Are these a sub species of Teal

    • Lee
      Chirps: 10
      Spotted 2 dozen or so Teal suspects at Howard Marsh in Northwestern Ohio.   They were actively feeding at a distance.  Looked like Eurasian Green Winged Teal ( some with green on wing).  Din't see shoulder stripe, and wonder if they are females, juveniles, mixed flock or hybrids of some type.  Any insight would be appreciated.tealXXXXteal2xxxxteal3xxxxxTeal1ZZZZZteal10
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    • Owen
      Chirps: 51
      Definitely Green winged teal Top 3. Maybe American black ducks 2, and last is a Non bereding Male Northern Shovler!
    • Kunling
      Chirps: 47
      That's a green-winged teal. And the last one (the bottom one) is a male northern shoveler.
    • Frankie
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      Greetings Lee! The top three pictures are definitely green-winged teals, and I am fairly sure the bottom one is a Northern Shoveler. The fourth one I cannot be sure about, but I think they are also Northern Shovelers. I hope this helps! Happy Birding!