• Sarah
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      I need a camera for bird photography. What kind of camera is best?
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    • Dargan
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      My favorite camera is by far a small, Canon ELPH 330 HS, 10x optical zoom. It is very easy to set the shutter speed, and also has an additional 20x Digital zoom. I think photos are pretty sharp until you get 10x optoical and digital combined. it is also a good, zoom, point, and shoot camera.
    • Emily
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      ( For beginners) Canon EoS REBEL 17, ( For intermediate)  Canon EoS 2000D - I hope that helped :)
    • Bird
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      Try taking Bird Academy's Course: Bird Photography With Melissa Groo
    • Keith
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      I know this is a year old question but likely to be a question of newcomers to the world of bird photography.  There are a few important things to have in mind. 1. Even the most powerful lens/camera kit will not bring your subject as close as your binos or scope. 2. Point and shoot cameras, even those with powerful magnification (i.e. Nikon P1000) are often ill-suited to fast moving subjects and low-light conditions (which is when birds are most active). 3. Set a budget for what you want to spend and understand what you will accomplish within that budget. There are plenty of photographers that give in to the temptation of routinely upgrading their equipment for the latest technology. Capitalize on that opportunity and be willing to take off their slightly used equipment off their hands. APS-C sensor cameras will boost the focal length reach over full-frame cameras, which tend to be more expensive.  If you are dead set on a point and shoot or bridge camera, consider a Sony RX10, which has a large enough sensor and enough magnification.  However, please understand that you may be able to acquire a pre-owned body and lens for about the same price. Here are a few options I would recommend:
      • Sony A6500 (24 MP, 11 frames/second) $400-$600 (used) + Sigma 150-600MM $1,100 (used)
      • Nikon D800 (36 MP, 4-5 frames/second) $400-$600 (used) + Tamron 150-600mm $500 (used)
      • Canon 90D (32 MP, 10 frames/second) $500 + Tamron 150-600mm $500-$600 (used)
    • john
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      I Love my Sony Alpha Series camera. I know back when I bought it was one of the fastest focus and shutter speed. The kit lens area great but I love the ability to download applications from the Sony Store right off the camera. I have every lens filter at a push of a button. I run the e mount stele 200-600 lens it is really heavy I use it on a gimbal and a monopod . I also have a 50mm primed lens for when it gets dark and really want to capture the beauty of the landscape with the birds. I still say any camera that you can get ahold of will work but you might need to work a lot harder to get those nice pictures but it will feed the thirst for getting out there and chase the birds. There is another option that is a little more affordable and that is the so called class of cameras called “Bridge Camera” these cameras do not have removable lens and most go as low as 24mm up to 1600mm or higher. The only downfall is that the higher mm is achieved through a digital magnification and can get a bit fuzzy like high iso. I hope some of this helps. imageimage
    • Souksamlan
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      Depending on the purpose used For example: if you would like to capture birds in action you may have to use a high-speed shutter camera and a lens is important as well (this option is more professional photographers) but if you would like to use a camera for identification you could stay with low budget Ex: Nikon p1000 Now I'm still using Nikon D700 with Sigma 150-600mm f/5-6.3 DG OS HSM for Photography identification, it is very helpful
    • Andrew
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      Find a good, used Nikon D500 and the Nikon 200-500 Zoom (used) and you will have a camera and lens that is amongst the BEST! (at a very reasonable price!!) available. If $$ is not an issue for you, I have (in addition to the above) a Nikon Z6 II (mirrorless) and pair that with a Nikon 500mm PF with the 1.4 Teleconverter and you will have a SUPER bird set-up!!! (you will need the F mount adapter). Good luck!
      • Nancy
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        Andrew, any suggestions for good places to buy used camera equipment? There is always eBay, etc, but I’m hoping to find something that has been rehabbed by a camera shop.
      • @Nancy B&H Photo has great refurbished equipment. I've found they are a great company to deal with.

      • Bonnie
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        @Nancy KEH online Ask local camera retailer for suggestions. If there is a Hunt's Camera near you they are great. Also look for camera repair shops.  I have an old, but reliable, Nikon D80 and just got new zoom for $40 Hunt's found it.

    • Annabeth
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      What camera type are you looking for. Video camera maybe?