• Frankie
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      I am a young birder, and this was the first year I was really able to appreciate fall migration. I used to think you had to go to fancy hotspots to see warblers, but my own suburban backyard has been amazing! I have seen Nashville, Connecticut, Blackburnian, black and white, yellowthroats, and a black-throated green. Warblers are by far my favorite bird and I hope everyone can enjoy this years fall migration! Happy Birding!
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    • Little Bit
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      Hi Frankie! I am also a young birder, and I enjoy birding so much! I live in a small neighborhood, in a small town, yet I still see many birds.  I don't have luck with seeing any warblers in my yard, but I live right down the road from the Wheeler Wildlife Refuge, so I go down there a lot.  And I do enjoy seeing warblers too.  I'm sure you know about Ebird, if you don't I think you would like using the app.  I enjoyed the fall migration as much as you did, if not more.  I saw many new birds I never saw before ( I just started birding this March of 2020).  I have my many feeders set up for different birds, and I was very happy to see some orioles come  my fruit and berry suet.  I am trying to get my Nikon zoom lens working for my camera, then I will be able to photograph cool birds like warblers, and orioles and other common birds.  Do you like photography?  I hope to be a bird photographer one day.  Its so cool that you like warblers, and that you see them in your own back yard!  What started you into birding Frankie? :D