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    • Elijah Talbot
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      I found these feathers a while ago but have had no luck identifying what birds they came from. Both of these feathers were found in Wasaga Beach, Ontario, Canada. Thanks for any help identifying them. 154451034_1119479508473979_158690739850370499_n153612183_1495859900805670_5790566856578397691_n153529279_257942995942051_8101782140070200498_n154256998_2899401770378663_6649900732401841380_n Picture 1: Top view of what is likely a down feather of some sort. Picture 2: The top view of what is likely a flight feather of some sort. Picture 3: The underside of the same feather. Picture 4: The underside of the down feather.
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    • Esteban
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      Common pottoo
      picture 1 and 4 looks like an owl feather! maybe a barred owl?
    • Andrew
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      2 and 3 are tail feather of Yellow-shafted Norther Flicker.
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