• Annabeth
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      I wanted to make this so we could all share photos of gooses. This is a Hawaiian Goose or Nene RSCN4768
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    • Dargan
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      I've been to Hawaii though I don't think I saw a Nene. All I've seen are Canada and Cackling Geese, though I only have photos of Canada, by the way nice photo(s). I'm saying this to everyone who is adding geese photos. Here some  photos of  Canada Geese. There is 2 photos of geese IMG_7320IMG_7825
    • Esteban
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    • Steven
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      What a beautiful specimen! She likes to be in the spotlights it seems! :)
    • Bird
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      Canada Goose 517478081
    • Souksamlan
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      I don't have any pictures of Goose, so I just download them from above Taee34trpmfzc0wxp0s3vgu5qm55gf7x1