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    • ILMP
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      Hey, i have a digital camera, i need tips! Could you please help me? I am new at taking pictures, but i can take pictures of other things.
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    • Annabeth
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      Try out this Course: Bird Photography with Melissa Groo
    • Big Al
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      First thing, get to know your camera. Learn the controls. Make plenty of mistakes, it's the only way to learn. Too many folks want to take photos of birds with a 200mm lens. In reality you will probably need a longer telephoto lens. Learn what you have first. One of my cameras is a Nikon Coolpix 900. It has an amazing lens; that lets me get decent closeups from a reasonable distance. Once you learn your camera's limits, you can start focusing (no pun intended) on the technical details of your pictures. Do NOT get discouraged. Remember, the expert today was a beginner once. Keep snapping!