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    • KP3
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      The photos are terrible, but I think they are enough to ID this as a Rough-legged Hawk.  I wouldn't mind a second opinion from an experienced birder to be sure though. This bird was perched on treetops that line a cut hay field.  This is in upstate NY in a rural area and was taken this morning at sunrise.  The low light and the bird being way across the field are why the photos are so bad. Our resident Red-tailed Hawks have white bellies with a thinner belly band and no black on the base of the tail.  We also have a Northern Harrier up here, but the bird in the photo seems too stocky and splotchy. A stocky bird on tiny treetop branches overlooking a hay field with a black band on the tail in winter in NY seems like a Rough-legged Hawk. Thanks for any help!   Rough-legged Hawn--25 Jan 2021-Edit-EditRough-legged Hawn--25 Jan 2021-Edit-Edit-2
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    • Sandra
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      You're correct!
    • Owen
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      Owen Stainken
      I live in upstate NY too and I have seen many rough legged hawks, it wouldn't surprise me if that was. I do think this is a rough legged hawk from the prominent white head and white streaks across the stomach i also see the brown band on the tail. If not that I think it could be a Red tailed hawk                         ( Abieticola)
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