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      Hello. I was walking in the field the other day, to find a loud, fast, high-pitched call, and this bird started attracting some attention as if it wanted me to see it.  Usually birds will stand still or sneak away if they see a predator or human.  Now, I know all about what this bird was doing, some of you may not.  This bird clearly had a broken wing. And I could tell that it was definitely a plover of some kind. But what kind? A killdeer. A killdeer makes a sound that sounds like a “Kill-a-dee! Kill-a-deeeer!”  And they often nest on the ground out in open fields, or even on gravel driveways and walkways. Anyway, I saw the bird, and while most people that see a bird with a broken wing would go and try to help the bird, I knew that it was only distracting me.  Killdeer will play the “Broken Wing Act” when a predator (or human) is near her nest. Both male and female killdeer do this. When I saw her doing this, I knew that a nest was somewhere nearby. And I found it.  Four speckled eggs lay in, not even quite a nest, but some mulch around the edge of some old dry grass and weeds.  They were so beautiful. Many different birds will play this game as well. Called distraction displays. For instance, plovers, wading birds, mourning doves, and red-winged blackbirds. Those are just some of the birds that use distraction displays.  See what you can find in the fields.3E6656A8-16FA-41DD-9E34-049BDC317BD9
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