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    • Ava Lyerly
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      Hello. I was walking in the field the other day, to find a loud, fast, high-pitched call, and this bird started attracting some attention as if it wanted me to see it.  Usually birds will stand still or sneak away if they see a predator or human.  Now, I know all about what this bird was doing, some of you may not.  This bird clearly had a broken wing. And I could tell that it was definitely a plover of some kind. But what kind? A killdeer. A killdeer makes a sound that sounds like a “Kill-a-dee! Kill-a-deeeer!”  And they often nest on the ground out in open fields, or even on gravel driveways and walkways. Anyway, I saw the bird, and while most people that see a bird with a broken wing would go and try to help the bird, I knew that it was only distracting me.  Killdeer will play the “Broken Wing Act” when a predator (or human) is near her nest. Both male and female killdeer do this. When I saw her doing this, I knew that a nest was somewhere nearby. And I found it.  Four speckled eggs lay in, not even quite a nest, but some mulch around the edge of some old dry grass and weeds.  They were so beautiful. Many different bird
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    • Esteban
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