• Jean
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      Is there a way to upload audio files for help identifying a bird by song? I have two clips of a bird that starts with a lower note, then a pair of middle notes, followed by a higher trill. Suspects include the song sparrow or field sparrow. I hear it a lot, but have been unable to view the bird singing, so I am unsure of its identity. The sound doesn't match any of the ebirds sound files for either of these birds. Thx.
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    • Debbie
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      I saved the audio file on my Google Drive, shared the link as "Anyone with link" can view it, and used the link icon in this editor (looks like a paperclip) to link to my file to my post. That way anyone who sees your post here can click on that link to get access to your audio file. Hope this helps!
    • Esteban
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      Merlin Bird ID