• Frankie
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      Sorry for poor photograph. I was on a jog so I didn’t have my lens with me, only my phone. Details Below: -At top of tree, two were sitting there. Dark back, white belly, dark patch on chest. In suburban area, but on tree next to grassy field on forest edge. Seen in Maryland on Jan 12. - Between Blue Jay and crow size, long, pointed tail. Thought it could be mourning dove or small raptor, but unsure.   88B1A3E2-ECB9-4BEC-8637-CFB2BB933B9A
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    • Owen
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      Ahh hard to tell I might say a morning dove or rock dove. It looks' darker to be  a morning dove, but that could be lighting. My best guess is a Rock Dove. but something tells me you would have ruled that out. Good question Frankie!