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    • daisy
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      I LOVE OWLS so what kinds of owl are there in the word? well I think my favorite tipe of owl is the barn owl and they are RALLY want to see them all!!!!!!!!
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    • Little Bit
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      I had an incredible experience with barred owls once, and I continue the fun with these birds. So my family and I have a boat, and we go out on it every weekend or so. We always aim to go to the same acreage, because of a mystical moment with the birds there.  It was night time, and I went out on the bow or the boat, and sat down, listening carefully for the "Who? Whoo cooks for you?" call of the barred owl.  I heard it... and it was so cool! As one called, another chimed in from somewhere, and soon, there were at least fifteen calling at once. The loud owls stopped suddenly, as they heard what seemed to be a strange yet similar owl species. It was me.  I put mu hands together as if I was going to do the mournful call of the mourning dove, but I instead did my best to imitate the barred owl call. As the call lifted in the air, the open water around us, my call echoed three times. "who...who...who...". A silence filled the air, I listened carefully for the call to return. Nothing.  But then... "who? who cooks for you all?" Then all of a sudden, many more continued to call.  I called with them, but this time they stopped, then replied.  I felt as if I was having a conversation with them. It was so... mystical! Well... that is until a bat flew in front of my face and made me fall into the icy cold water... but it was fun while it lasted!
    • Owen
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      Owen Stainken
      Personally I love Northern Saw whet owls :D there very small and cute!
    • GBird
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      we have a pair of barred owls in our backwoods. we can hear them on some nights :). i cant decide if i like barred or barn owls better :)!
    • CHLOE
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      i would love to see an Eagle Owl in the wild- I have seen and held an Eagle Owl in captivity. I even flew Logo- that is his name. eagle owl
    • Rob
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      For owls I would love to see either a Northern Pygmy-Owl, or a Crested Owl in person.  I love all things birds, but I'm just getting started at Birding.
    • Shayna
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      Have you heard of Barred Owls? They are one of my favorites! Cornell has live cams on a Barred Owl nest box! Check it out:
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