• Frankie
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      4C051951-354B-4B6B-B756-4D2D451CA1737249BAF6-BF49-4645-BDFF-3A4EAAC6956A17B440AF-CD4C-4282-B2C5-A95071D6E1F96A48184D-7231-4307-9715-B9412D07BE41E9F7813B-3E22-42EE-8C7F-B1121A45CC59I recently went birding at our local bay and got pictures of these shorebirds. I believe there are different ones in the two pictures. I am wondering if these are least or western sandpipers, as I noticed the bill was long and droopy with possible tones of rufous. There have been a fair number of both of these species reported in the area the past few weeks
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    • Annabeth
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      Looks like a spotted sandpiper.
    • Esteban
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      Looks like a western sandpiper