• Andrew
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      red bird It was in a backyard in Brooklyn, NY on March 12. It's size was between a sparrow and robin. It was on a branch near a feeder and  tufted titmouse. It looks to round, and red for a purple finch. Could it be a cardinal without the crown? Any ideas?
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    • Sarah
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      This is definitely a male Northern Cardinal, just he has his crest down
    • Annabeth
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      Male northern cardinal
    • Northern Cardinal, male
    • Parag Kokane
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      This is clearly a Male Northern Cardinal!
    • Esteban
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      Maybe it is a cardinal ,  it sort of looks like a hepatic tananger or summer tanager which are memebers of the cardinal family
    • Kayla
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      Yep! This looks like a male Northern Cardinal. The crests of birds sometimes aren't perked up--likely that he's calm. Some studies have shown the raised crest may show signs of different moods and emotions--like annoyance or worry. We can tell by the coloring and the stout and triangular shape of its beak. The wing plumage also looks similar to a Northern Cardinal, with the slightly duller and darker red color near the area. Beautiful bird! Thank you for sharing! :)
    • Frankie
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      Yes. Often, cardinals won’t have their crowns raised and have them flat. It is still present, just not as obvious. This is why I don’t often ID birds by a crest because the clearness of the crest can vary.