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    • Nouran the Birdie
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      Hi. There’s a pigeon on my windowsill and it won’t fly when I come near it. I gave it water and food, I’ll wait until the next day, if it’s still there what should I do? I suspect it’s injured. Thank you. Sorry, I feel out of place in this group.
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    • Abigail
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      Hi, This is Abigail Herman from Dover, Ohio. I am only 13, but have experienced this kind of case before--when a Magnolia Warbler Crashed into my window. My mom, not at all a bird lover, told me it probably will die and to put it in the nearby shrubs (where we put dead animals we find).  But I scooped it up carefully into my hands, and held it there. Being an expert at anatomy, I tested my inner bird doctor and carefully felt the animal's bones and skull, and nothing seemed to be broken, and I  figured it was just knocked out and should wake up soon. and 5 minutes later, It snapped out of it.  It saw me holding it, and took off to our tree in the yard. I was happy it was ok. Hopefully, your pigeon makes it. :)   Sincerely, Abigail Herman
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