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    • Richard
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      While sitting in the backyard today, I observed a WB Nuthatch Feeding on Nyger from a a feeder while hanging upside down from a tree. Interesting and comical, but not terribly unusual. There were several American Goldfinches also feeding on the Nyger. One goldfinch, a juvenile , was clinging to a perch near the nuthatch. He appeared to look at the nuthatch and with that, the nuthatch leaned over and offered a nyger seed to the goldfinch, which he took. The nuthatch leaned back into the tree while the goldfinch sat for a few seconds and then flew off. I have photos of the whole incident. My question is, has anyone else observed this interaction between nuthatches and goldfinch?  I have several resident nuthatches and a good number of goldfinches as well. They all seem to mind their own business and get along fine, but not this fine!
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    • WSW714
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      Very interesting!
    • GBird
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      i have had both kinds of birds for a long time and  have never experienced this. i wonder if they have some kind of hidden symbiosis, that would be cool!!
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