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  • Cindy
    I live in the Great Basin High Desert area.  While it is best to get out and take a walk up in the hills, or along the river, my backyard serves as my bird watching area during these unpredictable times.  I'm trying to plant flowers that attracts bees, butterflies and hummingbirds.  Birds are attracted to the protective trees.  While it is not a large yard, I can easily find birds from three groups, (question 2.).   Mourning Doves flew in to explore.  Two Hummingbirds came to explore the Silvia and Penstemon.  However, I think some large Carpenter Bees rob them of some of the nectar. Rounding out the list are the songbirds Robins and my fave Scrub Jays and their youngsters. They are here all year and provide much entertainment.
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