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  • Michele
    I've been participating in Cornell's Feeder Watch and have seen a variety of different birds, unfortunately no owls. The birds range from my common, resident birds (they are here all year round, Blue Jays and Northern Cardinals) to wintering birds, such as Pine Siskins and American Goldfinches. All of these birds are different from owls because they are here feeding during the day, whereas owls are nocturnal; they are mostly seed eating birds (the wrens and some others also like spiders and bugs); and they are not predatory, although the Pine Siskins can be bullies when it comes to feeders. I love the differences in feathers! There are some owls whose wings have feathers that don't make any sound as they sweep towards their prey, while others such as the Snowy Owl that have wings needed for strength instead of stealth. Birds are very diverse!
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