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  • Julie
    Activity #2: Small Sparrows I chose to focus on differences in color between three small sparrows that I see frequently.
    • Lincoln Sparrow
      • Color: Brown and Grey
      • Markings: Black eyestripe, brown crown stripe, black dots/stripes on body
    • Savannah Sparrow
      • Color: Brown, White, and Yellow
      • Markings: Black eyestripe, yellow eyebrows (?), white/yellow eye ring, brown dots/stripes on body
    • Song Sparrow
      • Color: Brown, White, and Grey
      • Markings: Light brown crown stripe, "softer" patterns on body
    These ones are really hard for me to distinguish between. The Savannah Sparrow's yellow makes it the most "distinct" out of the three, so I would probably need to pay attention to behavior and foraging patterns/songs to tell the difference between a Lincoln Sparrow and a Song Sparrow.
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