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  • Megan
    4. My favorite bird this summer has been my teeny ruby-throated hummingbird buddy.  He seems to be becoming a little more comfortable around me and my dogs and cat.  My hummingbird feeder is located close to my kitchen window so I see him daily!  I can usually hear him coming before I see him (he sounds like a bee buzzing!).  He will occasionally make a couple "squeak" noises too.  When I try to get a slow motion video of him he typically takes off before I can have my camera ready.  I do have some spotty footage and it hardly seems that it's in slow-mo!  He looks to be small enough that I could have him sit in the the palm of my hand.  If he does get spooked by something he quickly flies off like Superman on a mission; to either the field or forest area behind my house or in the neighborhood nearby.  He doesn't come back right away, maybe 30 minutes later.  When he does come to feed, it isn't a quick visit and he's off.. He often sits and seems to guzzle down the liquid.  I've also noticed him sitting on a tree branch behind my house (while my noisy niece was splashing in a pool below). (I'm located in upstate NY)IMG_9046
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