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  • Marcia
    2 and 3: I live in Southern New England and have always seen plenty of Crows in the area.  Sometimes, birders will report seeing a Raven on a local email site, but I've never seen a Raven here.  I do occasionally hear a Fish Crow.  It can be tricky to single them out from the calls of begging juvenile Crows, but Fish Crows' calls seem higher-pitched.  I've never seen a nest.   I really enjoy the behaviors of Crows.  A few years ago I took a series of photos of a group of Crows feeding in my yard on Pears that were on the ground around my very productive Pear tree.  A juvenile Crow was constantly begging with both voice and body movements (mouth agape, wings partly opened and trembling)  following one particular Crow that was feeding on pears on the ground.  At one point, the juvenile Crow tipped over on the ground, wings tightly folded closed, yet still with mouth agape and begging calls!  The adult near it completely ignored it, even as it lay for severals seconds on its side, loudly begging.  Such "drama"!  Nice try!   Their behaviors continue to fascinate me and I'm eager to learn more via this course.
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