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  • Kathy
    Activity 1: I live in suburban Chicago.  Looking out my window at my feeder I have seen dark eyed juncos, a pair of cardinals, downey woodpeckers, black capped chickadees, starlings, sparrows, and blackbirds.  I don’t stand and watch for long periods of time, but looked several times during the day.  The starlings and blackbirds seemed to gang-up on the others, chasing them out of the feeder.  The juncos, cardinals, sparrows and some blackbirds would then feed on the ground for the seed that had fallen there.  They are especially easy to see because of the snow.  Chickadees and woodpeckers would frequently hang upside-down to feed from the bottom of the cylinder feeder.  I’m looking forward to spring when the hummingbirds return.  There is at least 1 pair that nest in the trees at the back of my yard.
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