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  • kathryn
    This course was appealing to me because I having been flirting with sketching, drawing and painting for years but have not been consistent with  my practice. I'm now retired and slowed down enough to become better at sketching, and painting. Since one of my passions is being out in nature this is my first choice for subject matter. I want to be able to record the colors and patterns that fill me with awe. I want to learn from this course how to capture single flowers, plant, birds, animals that have stopped me in my tracks. I will use the journal to record my feelings about the time, to remember what questions came up and what I have learned by further research. And finally  I want to get familiar enough with the skills to do quick landscapes. I was interested in the people who made journal entries from their Galapagos trip. Having such a compact set of tools will mean I can sit on a beach or wherever for 20 minutes and work on a page that will bring back great memories.
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