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  • Susan
    Yes, many times. But one especially memorable occasion was almost 30 years ago now, while hiking around in the winter woods, here in NH.        It was February, late in the day and just for fun, I had been following some coyote tracks in the snow. I stopped in a very dense thicket of small hemlock trees, searching for where the tracks had gone. I had been mostly looking down, but here I was looking at eye level at the thick, hemlock foliage and to my surprise suddenly came face to face with a tiny saw-whet owl sitting on a branch!  It was very close, I could have almost touched it, but it did not fly away. It just sat there, very still except for slightly turning its head and looked right at me. We must have stared at each other for about 10 min. The light was fading and temps. were dropping so I was the one who finally broke the stare and quietly backed away, leaving the adorable little owl in peace. I will never forget it!                           (Unfortunately, I have no photo other than the one in my memory!)
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