Shayna Muller
Shayna Muller Multimedia Producer

I produce educational and instructional videos for the Cornell Lab’s eLearning website, Bird Academy. I have the joy of working with knowledgeable instructors and high-quality media to create videos that both educate and inspire. From animated promotions to studio-produced lectures, we’re constantly pushing to find new ways of communicating our passion for birds and the environment.

I’ve found that my passions in life can be boiled down into three categories: nature, education, and art. From hiking in the woods with my family to searching for insects in the field, my love for nature only grew as I got older. Teachers in my life sparked a desire within me to share and communicate my excitement for learning with others. Art has served as my outlet for creative expression, helped me to study scientific detail through sketching, and has proven to be my most effective tool in communicating science. In my career, I aim to combine these passions to create educational media that inspires others to learn about and care for the natural world. I’m fortunate to work for an organization that shares these ideals.


M.A., Film and Video, American University
B.S., Natural History and Interpretation, SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry

Spark Moment

I love insects. I fell for them while studying to partake in a Science Olympiad event for which I created my own “field guide.” I drew examples of each order, took detailed notes, and became completely fascinated by them. Since then, I’ve taken courses in entomology, have started an insect collection, and even had Madagascar hissing cockroaches as pets.