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Give Be a Better Birder 1: Size and Shape


Use the size and shape of birds to bring your birding skills to the next level. Learn to make quick IDs with expert tips and interactive quizzes.

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Course enrollment coupon is emailed to the giftee. No physical product is shipped.

Giving Courses

  1. Choose the course you’d like to give and select "Give as Gift"
  2. Enter the date you want this gift to be delivered on
  3. Enter the email address of the person you're sending this gift to
  4. Optionally enter a gift messsage
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  7. Provide your billing details and your email
  8. Complete the checkout process
  9. An enrollment coupon will be delivered to the email of the giftee (they may have to check their promotions or spam folder)
  10. Your receipt will be delivered to your inbox… and done!
  11. Want something to tuck into a card? Print this gift note.

Redeeming Courses

  1. The giftee applies their 100%-off enrollment coupon while purchasing the course

Gifts are non-refundable. If the giftee wishes to take advantage of Bird Academy’s Satisfaction Guarantee they can contact us to get help switching their enrollment to another course/s.