Long-tailed Duck swimming
Songs + Calls
Loud and Goofy: Long-tailed Duck Territorial Calls
video 2:08
A Willow Ptarmigan calling
Songs + Calls
Comic Relief: Willow Ptarmigan Territorial Calls
video 2:13
Audio recording in the Canadian Arctic
Canadian Arctic Expedition
video 11:18
A Snowy Owl staying warm with insulating feathers
Snowy Owl Invasion
video 3:39
A large flock of Snow Geese
Massive Noisy Flocks: Snow Goose Migration
video 3:04
Semipalmated Sandpiper calls while hovering overhead
Songs + Calls
Voices of the Arctic Spring: Semipalmated Sandpiper
video 2:26
Yellow-billed Loon tucks its leg under a wing in cold water
How Yellow-billed Loons Survive in the Arctic