How good are your crow and raven ID skills? American Crows and Common Ravens are both large, black birds in the corvid family with a lot of similarities. They’re easiest to identify by sound, but if you’re not in a position to listen in there are also visual cues that can help you make an ID.

ID KeyAmerican CrowCommon Raven
SizeUsually smaller than ravens; 20″ in lengthUsually larger than crows; 27″ in length
BillModerate bill, often slightly smaller than the headLarge bill, often longer than the head
TailSlightly rounded tail when flyingTapered tail creates a diamond shape when flying
WingsFive broad feather “fingers” visible when flying. Average wingspan 36″Four long and narrow feather “fingers” visible when flying. Average wingspan 46″

Have you got all of that? Put these cues to the test with Bird Academy’s SnapID tool and practice distinguishing between American Crows and Common Ravens. You can replay the quiz as many times as you want. Each time you hit “Play Again,” you’ll have new photo matchups to practice on. Just click “Start SnapID Challenge” to get started!

Small warning: SnapID photos are randomly selected images taken in the wild, and these birds are scavengers. You might see pictures of these birds eating prey as you play.

Test Your ID Skills

Practice makes identification a snap.
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