The Cornell Lab Bird Academy Discussion Groups Joy of Birdwatching Activities: Keeping Track of Your Birdwatching

    • Robyn
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      I may get the e-bird app to document my bird finds, but I've never kept track before.  I usually walk around with my Bay Area Bird ID foldable, laminated chart.  The Merlin app has been helpful.  In my community garden I will sometimes sketch birds with colored pencil in a nature notebook.  When the shelter-in-place ends, I will join a birding group walk through Los Gatos Birdwatcher, our local birding shop.  In the meantime, I joined "birdy hour" via Zoom facilitated by San Francisco Bay Bird Observatory.
      • Cassandra
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        We are neighbors! I'll have to check out Los Gatos Birdwatcher...I've never even heard of a birding shop before!! Thanks for the tip!
    • Paula
      Chirps: 19
      I find it hard to take notes, look for birds I've heard but can't find, handle binoculars and or a camera!  Still it's worth it even when I look back at notes from traveling to see how I've describe or been excited about something I've seen. I wonder, can one add birds to ebird that one saw and listed on a trip a year or more ago before taking this class when traveling with a group that did birding before I knew much? I have signed up for alerts in my area and there are two rare sightings but it's been raining for 3 days! I hope to get out and see if I can spot the birds mentioned!
      • Cathy
        Chirps: 45
        Hi Paula, You can add birds you saw in the past, but if you don't know the exact date there is a special procedure and I don't think others will be able to view that particular sighting/ recording. But you can still enter them.  I did this for a bunch of birds when I created a life list when I first started the course. I know what you mean about trying to handle so many things at once.  I can't even find my binoculars now!  I very much like what the instructor said about there not being one "right" way and how we all have to do what works for us. Best wishes with your birding! Cathy