• hannah
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      Hi everyone! I'm enrolled in a scientific illustration class and we are currently doing a project on a process found in nature. I chose the Pileated Woodpecker and how they make nests/search for food/etc. I just wanted to post on here to gather some thoughts and critique on my process. Anything would be helpful: additional things I could add to my composition, things I may have gotten wrong, or any important facts needed! Thank you for your help! IMG_9640
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    • Kayla
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      Wow! That looks great! It's wonderful you chose to add the boxes with information to better present elements in the nestmaking process. I like the drawing so far! :) Maybe you could further emphasize the details on the body of the woodpecker, and as a suggestion, maybe you could try to add some color. Looking great!
    • Jen Packard
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      You have a nice sense of line and dimension. Keep working at the details. I really like the callouts with additional information. Nice work!
    • Esteban
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      I think I know how to help you. You could place a little more detail in the woodpecker such as dividing te body.  Also adding color to the woodpecker would really work. Believe me, that will solution your doubts.