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  • Sherri
    I bought a house last year and have a lot of non-native shrubs and plants, including a tree which my Seek app tells me is a Cherry-plum? Birds seem to like this tree a lot for shelter, but I want to find ways to better support them with Native Plants.  I think I'd like to keep the tree for habitat and because moss grows well on it, and it is quite pretty in the spring when it blooms with dark purple flowers. However, I'd like to replace the shrubs with native varieties. If anyone reading this knows if this is best to do gradually or all at once, I'd love your input! An exciting development this spring is the little baby maple trees sprouting in my backyard (either red or sugar, not sure which). I'm hoping to cultivate at least one of them and let it continue to grow. Free trees, can't beat it. :)
Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)