Grey Catbird singing
BehaviorSongs + Calls
An Expert Mimic: The Gray Catbird
video 4:48
AnatomySongs + Calls
Built to Sing: The Syrinx of the Northern Cardinal
video 3:30
Ornithologist Kim Bostwick
BehaviorSongs + Calls
Singing Wings -Introduction
video 1:46
photo of a Club Winged Manakin
FeathersSongs + Calls
Singing Wings -Behavior
video 1:45
A spectrogram of a Club-winged Manakin's wing sound
FeathersSongs + Calls
Singing Wings -Sounds
video 1:17
Wing feathers of the Club-winged Manakin
FeathersSongs + Calls
Singing Wings -Feathers
video 3:57
An animation showing how the Club-winged Manakin sings with its wings
FeathersSongs + Calls
Singing Wings -Solution
video 0:59
Club-winged Manakin perched on a branch
FeathersSongs + Calls
Singing Wings -Conclusion
video 1:51
Decoding the language of birds
BehaviorSongs + Calls
The Language of Birds
video 9:42
Territorial gulls coexist on Appledore Island in Maine
Keeping the Peace: Threat Signals in Gull Colonies
video 3:59
King-of-Saxony Bird-of-Paradise sings
Songs + Calls
King-of-Saxony: Otherworldly Calls
video 3:52
EvolutionSongs + Calls
Sound: and the Birds-of-Paradise
video 6:09
Semipalmated Sandpiper calls while hovering overhead
Songs + Calls
Voices of the Arctic Spring: Semipalmated Sandpiper
video 2:26
American Bittern calling
Songs + Calls
Territorial Call of the American Bittern
video 2:00
Green-rumped Parrotlets calling while still in their nest
Brains + SensesSongs + Calls
How a Parrot Learns Its Name in the Wild
video 5:48
Scientist Martjan Lammertink uses a double-knock box
Songs + Calls
Talking With a Pale-billed Woodpecker
video 10:48
A calling Common Loon
Songs + Calls
I’m Here, Where Are You?: Wails of the Common Loon