Image: Susan Disher/Macaulay Library
Gardening for Birds
Webinar Series 1:00:00
Bird IDHabitat
Identify Warblers With These Expert Tips
video 6:40
Taza Schaming gets her finger pinched by a Clark's Nutcracker
Nutcrackers, Whitebark Pines, and Climate Change
video 12:16
Comb-crested Jacanas walking on lily pads
Through the Lens: Birds of Australia's Northern Territory
video 5:03
Pelican at an oil spill
Oiled Birds After the Deepwater Horizon Spill
video 5:00
Birds flying over the Yukon Delta in Alaska
Birds in the Ecology of Alaska's Yukon Delta
video 8:34
Acorn Woodpecker stores acorns in a granary
Food + ForagingHabitat
Storing Food: The Granaries of Acorn Woodpeckers
video 3:30
Shorebirds forage
Food + ForagingHabitat
Shorebird Foraging Strategies
video 7:02
Birds congregate in the Mississippi River Delta
Birds in the Ecology of the Mississippi River Delta
video 10:33
A woodland habitat for birds
Bird IDHabitat
Inside Birding: Habitat
video 7:55
Eastern Screech-Owl hides in a tree hole
Eastern Screech-Owl Camouflage